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Someone knows what happened to Vicky.

Vicky Glass was 21 when she went missing from Middlesbrough in September 2000. 


Her body was later found on the North Yorkshire moors near Danby.

Vicky's story was cruelly cut short. Her family deserve answers.

If you know what happened to Vicky, now is the time to come forward. Our investigation is continuing and you may be able to give us the crucial last piece of the jigsaw.

Scroll to read more about Vicky, the investigation, the timeline of events, news and appeals, and ways you can get in touch with information.

A picture of Vicky Glass at the beach when she was a child.
An image of Vicky Glass, happy and smiling.

About Vicky

Find out more about her childhood, her teenage years, and the person she was.

The Investigation

Find out more about the events leading up to Vicky's disappearance and the investigation to date.

A picture of Vicky, holding a baby.


Scroll to learn more about Vicky's life and her disappearance



Vicky was born on 21 September, 1979.

Born in Middlesbrough, she was the youngest of two daughters. She had a happy, normal childhood.

Young Vicky, pulling a silly face to the camera.


1991 - 96

She loved her time in the Kiora Hall band

Vicky was part of this from the age of 13 and was very passionate about it. Unfortunately, she had to leave when she turned 18.

It was at this point her lifestyle seemed to change.

News, information and appeals

Vicky Glass Murder Investigation Relaunched

Friday 24th September 2021

Detectives are to reinvestigate the murder of Vicky Glass from Middlesbrough after a review of the case found significant new lines of enquiry.

Today marks 21 years since Vicky was last seen being dropped off by a taxi driver at 4am on 24th September 2000, on Union Street at the junction with Eshwood Square in the town. Vicky’s body was found on 3rd November 2000 in a stream in the village of Danby, North Yorkshire.

There are four ways to contact us

Contact Us

Thank you.

Dedicated Police phone line: 
01642 301773

0800 555 111

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