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The Investigation

Victoria Glass (Vicky) was born on 21st September 1979. When she was 18 years old her lifestyle appeared to change. Vicky sadly started to take drugs and admitted to taking heroin.  At the time of her disappearance, Vicky’s drug habit had worsened.


In order to fund her addiction, Vicky turned to sex work. Vicky was known to frequent the Cannon Park area of Middlesbrough in particular a HGV lorry park where vehicles were known to park overnight.


Around Christmas 1999, Vicky was both homeless and suffering with a chest infection.  It was at this stage that a friend of hers, introduced her to a male who resided at 16 Petch Close, Middlesbrough.  It was agreed that Vicky could move into the address whilst she recovered from her chest infection. 


From this point on 16 Petch Close, Middlesbrough became Vicky’s permanent residence. This male provided Vicky a place to reside and also assisted by making her doctor’s appointments in efforts to improve her life.

Last known movements

Vicky continued sex working to fund her addiction and was well known to others who operated as sex workers in Middlesbrough.


On Thursday 21st September 2000 three days before she went missing Vicky celebrated her 21st birthday. That evening and over the weekend it is known that Vicky conducted sex work and was in the Cannon Park and Gresham areas of Middlesbrough.


On Saturday 23rd September 2000, Vicky and a friend left 16 Petch Close around midday having attended the address so Vicky could change some of her clothes. It is known that Vicky then went out and frequented the Cannon Park and Gresham area and conducted sex work.


Sometime after midnight, Vicky met a client on Borough Road, Middlesbrough. Both Vicky and this male then went to 104 Princes Road, Middlesbrough an address well known to both drug users and sex workers. After staying in the address for a period of time, Vicky and the male left the address, they flagged a taxi down on Union Street and went back to this male’s home in Norton, Stockton. It is known that Vicky only stayed at the house for a short time and called a taxi to take her back to Middlesbrough.


Vicky had called a taxi from Cleveland Taxis a firm that she knew well. Shortly before 04:00am on Sunday 24th September 2000 Vicky left the clients house in Norton and got into a white Vauxhall Vectra, vehicle registration R790LFV.


About 04:20am Vicky got out of the taxi on Union Street Middlesbrough at the junction of Union Street and Eshwood Square, this is just to the rear on a pub that was then called The Shipmate. The taxi driver then drove back to his firm’s office which was on Borough Road Middlesbrough.

What happened next

In the days after this, the male from Petch Close began to make enquiries into the whereabouts of Vicky as he had not seen her. He contacted her close friends and visited locations she frequented but no one had seen her.


He spoke to Cleveland Police about Vicky being missing, and an investigation was launched.


At 6:00am on Friday 3rd November 2000, Vicky’s body was discovered by a dog walker in Danby, a village in North Yorkshire. 


A murder investigation was then launched.


During the investigation four people were arrested for Vicky’s murder and additional people were interviewed. No one has ever been charged with Vicky’s murder.

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